Upcoming Art Show: “Company for Dinner”

Lists are everywhere.   Just when I think I have a completed one,  I remember in the middle of the night something I forgot to put on it.   Quietly, I slip out of bed, put on my bathrobe, find my flashlight, and tippey-toe to the vibrating list.   A nearby pen struts forward and away we go adding more words. The LIST has become my command center.   If it isn’t there, it won’t get done and worse yet, it won’t be remembered.  I am in charge of everything from napkins to paintings.   And just when I think it’s just lil’ ol’ me doing everything, friends and family step forward so I can outsource.   I bow to each and every one.

Preparing for an art show isn’t a piece of cake.   It’s like putting on my own remarkable birthday party but this is even better because the ART is the show, not me.   First and foremost, it’s about the paintings:  all those creative pieces I gave birth to and the story they tell.  Each one is a memory from inception to “Done!”

So here we are together celebrating the studio effort, laughs, pain, surprise, joys and resolve we’ve lived with.  Wow.  The lists are everywhere and the best is about to be.

You are invited to “Company for Dinner,” an art show of my paintings at Bainbridge Public Library.  The Opening Reception is April 6th from 5:30-7:00pm.

To hear more about this show and my process of painting, enjoy this recent podcast from Bainbridge Community Broadcasting.

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