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This is my time to explore “this n that” in the art studio because I haven’t quite settled into any one art medium nor subject matter for several months.  If I had the room, I’d have 4 art stations with different projects going at once:  wire works, felting, collage and painting.  Come to think of it, I could do that, but it would mean moving into the garage and it’s too cold.  Instead, I have little baskets around the house with different projects in each to satisfy my creative urges.

Little drawings
Little Drawings

In the evenings,  I settle in with a little box of colored pencils, a pen, and small pieces of mixed media paper cut into 3×4 inch pieces.  I do a  random drawing and then color the various sections




A friend and I meet once a month for “art play.”   Recently, we got turned on to working with wire.  It’s kind of like 3-dimensional drawing but wire has a mind of its own!   It’s fun and on my website you can see my collection.  

Party Dress
Sundress Swing
Diet Utensils


These wire dresses were fun to make and are the only two I’ve done.  I can see a wire clothesline across a wall with many more hanging from it.





On a recent trip to Portugal, I stopped in a very expensive linen shop and a whimsical wire spoon was resting on a shelf.   I said to myself, “I can do that” and came home and made a set.   The knife is about 12 inches long so this group looks pretty darn happy on a wall.  Now I’m thinking what about place settings for 8?




This is the year is to get better at drawing/painting the human figure and faces.   So, I’ve gone back to using charcoal, pencil, pastel and chalk on paper to draw.  I say “back” because this was my original way to learn drawing.   It’s messy and luscious; it’s easy to make corrections and additions; and the depth of expression appeals to me.

Charcoal drawing of young woman
Dreaming in Charcoal









Sketching is never-ending and always a joy.   I tend to be busy-busy and sketching invites me to stop, look and be present.  There’s always challenges no matter what I choose to sketch, but it’s also linked to my quiet determination and forgiveness of line.  

Art Studio Table
Art Studio Table

I’m not exceptionally good at any of these mediums nor do I care.   Right now it’s not about becoming highly skilled at wire making, drawing perfect faces or figures, or  sketching a prize image.   It’s about doing art.   It’s about showing up.   It’s about keeping my creative juices flowing.

Art Table sketch
So much stuff to draw!




Wherever you are in your own creative life … bless it, caress it and share it.


7 thoughts on “This n That”

  1. Hi my friend Jennifer!! I do love your art , loved everything specially the wire utensils , dresses …
    Miss you a lot .❤️

  2. Jennifer, perfect timing for me to read this…you are an inspiration…and so right on. Down to basics. Have fun and stay healthy! Meanwhile, getting so good with your craft.
    Love you, Fatima

  3. Jennifer, I love that you are just ALLOWING and observing your relationship to your environment. So often we have expectations of everything, every moment. Kudos to you! I am back on BI. Wondering if you are still chanting? Doing workshops? I look forward to running into you soon. Blessings…gwen foor

    1. So wonderful to hear from you, Gwen! Does it feel good to be back on Bainbridge Is.? I am not doing workshops now, but hope we can see each other.

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