Kairos Time

Creating a Container for Change


Energy healings touch all levels of the mind, body and spirit. For some people, a walk in the woods, a swim in a river,  kissing a baby, tending the garden, or painting a picture do the trick.   Healing energy is everywhere and it’s our human nature to want such freely offered nourishment.

But, sometimes we forget to satisfy that need. Life presents situations that can makes us feel sluggish, agitated, off-balance, or stressed. When that happens, an energy healing (or series of healings) can be a powerful way to re-establish the natural flow of energy in your very being. The outcome can be a dramatic surge of vitality, or a more subtle, deep shift in being.

Jennifer's intuition and clarity woven with her highly developed skills in sound and hands-on healing has helped me to experience some huge releases; those releases have helped bring greater balance and peace to my life. I also appreciate how Jennifer gives a sense of safety by the way she can work in the energy field while also remaining completely grounded. Her combination of gifts has always brought me deep healing.
She is a treasure of love and healing, and of beautiful sound resonating.
- Debby Haase

Together, we will dive below what is obvious and true to a deeper, more authentic wisdom for your own self-healing.

Having myself done many years of energetic healing and teaching, it it is so wonderful to be on the receiving end with Jennifer.  She has a very sensitive touch and a very strong, connected and accurate intuition.  Some of my most moving and deepest experiences have been under her hands while laying on the healing table.  Somehow she is able to make me feel safe and I always feel I can say anything to her and she receives me with love and respect.
I feel so grateful to her for all I have ever received and can recommend her absolutely without any hesitation.
I am so grateful for her heart and abilities.
-Jan Primous.
Friends - 18x24 - acrylic on canvas

When you arrive, we will chat for a bit. This is a confidential conversation that is part of your healing container.

The healing process is about finding and releasing stored energy that has set up your symptoms. There are a variety of ways to clear energy: hands-on healing, tuning forks, singing bowls, chanting, and divine intuition.  You are encouraged to ask questions at any time.

Amazing work happens when I am on the healing table.  In the beginning, I was very skeptical, but now excitedly anticipate. I never really know what Jennifer will tap into, but the release and experiences are a whirlwind of emotions.
-Bob Farley 
OMG, Jennifer has the most amazing sounds that emanate from her when she is offering a healing, it is stunning to be the recipient of this blessing.  It is a beautiful experience, to receive healings from her.

What to Expect

I am greeted with a bright, beaming sunshine smile and am immediately at ease.  Jennifer creates a space of loving warmth and safety.  Healings are never the same, as I am never the same.  Jennifer's training, experience, and intuition guides her to choose the modalities most beneficial to my being at the time.  I emerge with a refreshed energy field, a higher vibration, and restored enthusiasm for life.  Something has been released; something has been received . . . a deeply healing experience to which I return in my Divine timing.
-Barbara Seavy

A healing session lasts about 90 minutes.  Please bring a candle to take home after your healing, anything you want to put on the altar to be blessed, and your intention for the healing.

It is important to note that this work is complementary to medical treatment and mental health interventions.   It is NOT a substitute for any medical or mental health treatments you may be using now.

Singing Bowl - 5x7 - oil on canvas board


Sound healing through voice and sacred instruments has been a fundamental part of my life for the past 20 years.   Teaching people how to use mantra in their life, leading community gatherings to chant, and singing sacred music with the Agate Pass Threshold Choir are all part of my healing practice.   

If you would like to learn more about gatherings at my studio or private instruction to help you open your voice through voice exercises, toning and chanting, please contact me.   

Jennifer Waldron

Personal Life Notes

My curiosity around alternative healing methods began when I was teaching at a local community college. I took a course in High Touch Acupressure (Jim Shin Jyutsu), an ancient healing practice that gently supports and moves energy with fingertips lightly placed on particular points of the body.   My passion to learn more took me into Native American traditions, a course in Feng Shui, Divination Readings, Enneagram teachings, i Ching, and wherever and whatever led me into deeper spiritual awareness.

During those teaching years, I also had a part-time consulting business in speech training for broadcasters, politicians, lawyers, business speakers, and anyone wanting to improve their speaking voice.  This became a beautiful marriage between the classroom and the public arena.    

My life changed during a two year practitioner program in Music and Sound for Healing and Spirituality at the Open Ear Center on Bainbridge Island.  Suddenly I began to make connections between vibration, sound, music, healing, voice, communication and energy.   I stayed with the Open Ear Center another year and immersed myself in Sacred Sound (mantra and chant).  It was a rich time and the benefits continue.

During this time, I joined Five-Who-Heal:  Three Shamans, a Medical Intuitive, and a Sound Healer.   There we were, the five of us offering healings in three cities to those in need.   It was a 15 year commitment for which I am deeply grateful.

Have you ever had a left turn in life?   You think you’re chugging along in a certain direction and BAM!  You take a left turn.   That’s what happened in 2011 when I found out I had breast cancer.   During that year, I turned totally to art and healing.   I painted nearly everyday and was often joined by friends.   It was a glorious year in spite of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.   

I became more determined to deepen my energy healing skills to help others and myself.   With skilled teacher, Jan Primous, we began a training school for energy healing.  Here, she taught us Barbara Brennan’s methods for healing and valuable tools I use in healings: Chelation, Chakra assessments and what they reveal, pendulum readings, karmic cord identification, meridian stimulation, Reiki, and sound healing, to mention a few.  All of these tools are wrapped in a blanket of listening.   Listening to your story, listening to the beat of your heart, listening to Spirit guidance, and listening to my own body, mind and spirit as we work together.   

Today, I offer energy healings on beautiful Bainbridge Island … a place of peace, serenity, and joy.   

Are you ready?

I would love to talk with you about your personal healing journey.