My last musing was about last April’s Artist Reception.  I had a lengthy to-do list and felt a modicum if nervousness.   When the reception came, it was an explosion of fun beyond my imagination

Jennifer standing and talking with friends
Chatting with friends

I haven’t written for a while because I’m about to do another art show with a whole new set of paintings:  trailers and food trucks.    The artist reception is August 3rd and here’s photo showing my state of anxiety.  

Jennifer with bunny ears asleep
Jennifer’s anxiety

Everything is done except for the hanging of the art .   That’s because I put my nose to the canvas in April and set July 1st as my deadline.  




I made it and have been enjoying the summer.

Jennifer sitting in a chair outside reading a book.
Enjoying the summer

But without another art exhibit deadline I’m feeling a bit untethered.   The sheer determination and commitment I felt each day to create this series of paintings is now gone.   Yogi Bera said, “when you come to a Y in the road, take it.”  I’m at that Y or several Y’s and will take them.  

I want to dabble with different kinds of paint;  experiment with painting styles; play with lots of mediums; and explore subject matters.   The technical term for this is “fooling around.”   Now I can do this without the thump, thump, thump of a deadline.


Please join me for the upcoming Artist Reception:   “Getaways Imagined” August 3rd, 5-7pm, Bainbridge Performing Arts Center.

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