I paint* because I am compelled to express myself for the sheer joy of it. 

I paint because it keeps me in harmony with my creative Spirit.   

I paint to “catapult myself into another aspect of myself” which is usually my child.

I paint because it “messes” with me.

When I paint, it becomes a timeless playground where there are no mistakes, merely freedom to move between all my Selves for the benefit of the creative work at hand.  Color takes high priority and I often use it to show value, energy and movement.   I love when there are visible brushstrokes, layer upon layer as they progress around the canvas.   When the image is pushed to an unusual and unexpected place from the original, that’s when it feels most true to me.  For me, painting is a loving act of surrender and surprise. 

When I’m not painting, I try to keep my fingers, hands and sometimes elbows deep in the act of creating:   little doodles while watching TV or waiting in line; hand sewing cloth dolls with my grandniece; making paper lanterns with girlfriends; making little scrap books, or felting balls for a necklace.   Painting is usually a solo act, so I look for  these kinds of creative adventures to do with friends and family. 

Deep gratitude to the many amazing teachers I’ve had over the years:  Tip Toland who taught me the language of pottery and clay sculpture; The Seattle School of Basketry where I learned design and the ways of natural materials;  For the many teachers in watercolor, pastels, pen and ink, and gouache;   Anna Rhodes (“Artists Retreat”) who helped me believe in myself; Steven Aimone who taught me how to let go through non-representational art; Robert Burgess whose infectious enthusiasm for art taught me to play and experiment with paint and painting;  and Amy D’Apice who taught me to paint with oils, have fun, and never give up.  “It takes courage to paint!” she would say.   Some days that feels more true than on other days.   

*   I am using the word “paint” rather loosely.   It can also mean sketch, sew, glue, and make a mess.

Jennifer Waldron - Self Portrait

Mermaid - Self-Portrait

Currently you can view some of Jennifer's paintings at Elandan Gardens.

If you would like to visit Jennifer at her art studio, let her know.

Past Art Exhibits

Bainbridge Public Library 2010 and 2011
Treehouse Cafe, Bainbridge Island 2011
Embellish Boutique 2015
Winery Eleven 2016
Dayaalu Center 2017

Upcoming Exhibits

Bainbridge Public Library, April 2018 - "Company for Dinner"
Bainbridge Performing Arts, August - September 2018

Cover Art for music album "Africa".