Jennifer Waldron

Jennifer Waldron, Ph.D.

Jennifer Waldron lives on Bainbridge Island with her husband John Kenning.  After 32 years of living in Seattle and teaching, as soon as they moved to Bainbridge Island it quickly became their soulful place.  Their beautiful healing studio nestles in the woods in a forest glade.   Here, the birds sing, trees are plentiful and nature abounds.  There are also plenty of deer grazing freely so no fruit trees, vegetable garden or yummy roses. What matters is creativity, community, and making sure the roof doesn’t leak and the weeds stay low.

Artist and Healer

Whether painting or doing healings, Jennifer resides as much as possible in “kairos time ” — free from clock time.  In that time, she dances with the Muses, hails inspiration, sings with the Threshold Choir, and occasionally performs with Island Theater.

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